Create an XML document from XML Schema


You can use Reflective Ecore Model Diagram Editor as just an XML editor by specifying an XML schema (XSD) file.


you can create and edit an instance of XSD by using DynamicGMFModelWizard.

Step 1. Invoke DynamicGMFModelWizard

Select "File>New>Other...". You can find "Reflective Ecore Model Diagram" wizard under "Examples" category as shown below.

Step2. Select a dynamic model importer

Select "XML Schema" and push "Next".

Step 3. Specify names of .xml_diagram and .xml files

Reflective Ecore Model Diagram Editor saves notation and semantic models in .xml_diagram and .xml files, respectively. Specify their names by following the wizard.

Step 4. Specify XSD file

Finally, specify XSD file which is the meta-model of the creating instance (XML document), and press "Finish" button.

Then, the editor is opened. Logo